This qualitative research explores African-American women's challenges transitioning from Corporate America to entrepreneurship. It aims to highlight the lived experiences of African-American women entrepreneurs and the strategies they employ to achieve successful business ownership. The study utilized a phenomenological approach, using in-depth interviews with African-American women entrepreneurs to gather data on their experiences. The research findings identify significant challenges such as bias and discrimination, lack of resources and support, and personal obstacles that African-American women face when transitioning to entrepreneurship. The research study also identifies effective business practices used by African-American women, such as networking, mentoring, and having a solid support network. Overall, this study presents insightful information about the experiences of African-American women entrepreneurs and offers suggestions for policies and initiatives that can support their success in their entrepreneurship endeavors.

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Business women—African American—United States; Entrepreneurship—African American women

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Gabriella Miramontes