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This study will explore client perspectives on what works in psychotherapy in an effort to elucidate critical ideas for more consilience, or the unity of knowledge, in the field of clinical practice. The objective is to generate a theory from the data that can serve as a foundation for an eventual unified model of psychotherapy. A qualitative narrative synthesis approach was taken using grounded theory principles to analyze data from common factors outcome research. The results appear to confirm prior findings on the importance of interpersonal dynamics and the therapeutic relationship. The data demonstrates a potential connection between interpersonal factors and technique-based factors in that both need to coexist for optimal outcomes. However, due to various methodological limitations in the studies sampled that led to untrustworthy data, no solid conclusions can be drawn regarding the interpretation of the results. Future research would need to rectify the present methodological gaps before a viable narrative for a unified model can be constructed.

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Psychotherapy; Client-centered psychotherapy

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