The purpose of this study was to discover if there was a relationship between the levels of technology implementation and teachers' instructional practices, personal computer use skills, and experiences in a Texas Private School. The LoTi Digital Age Survey was used to assess the current beliefs of the teachers along with additional questions regarding age, subject, experience, and years that the teacher has participated in the school's current professional development program. The results of this study did not find any statistical relationships with any of the variables. However, the study did show that the teachers have made progress in using technology for higher-order tasks, but with the exception of three math, science, and technology teachers they have not reached a level that uses technology with student-centered instruction. This could be a statistical error due to the small sample size, it could indicate that pedagogy is not a relevant factor and teachers will continue to use mixed methods (Levin & Wadmany, 2006), or the self-efficacy of the teachers is such that they need specific modeling to integrate technology at a higher level (Moersch & Ondracek, 2005)

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