African Americans can become discontented with their jobs and even consider resigning due to workplace anxiety. This quantitative study among African American business professionals in the U.S. highlighted the critical factors that foster positive working environments and organizational equity for African American professionals. The researcher focused on increasing an organization's effectiveness through managing diversity, allowing employees to feel inclusivity, and being part of a team. As a result, there will be happier, satisfied, and committed workers, thereby increasing the level of knowledge in the workforce while reducing expenses. This study analyzed conflict management, cultural diversity, marginalized employee emotions, teamwork, and attitudes to determine the effects of diversity management on organizational effectiveness. The Delphi method was used to survey participants and collect data to find themes. Based on the findings, conflict, feelings of marginalization, and cultural diversity can influence diversity management and effective teamwork, which is equally essential to the success of an organization. Among other things, managers can prioritize diversity management for successful implementation in varied workforces. Employers, managers, and human resources professionals should consider a positive social change to help overcome workplace stress among African American workers. Leaders in organizations can accommodate African American professionals in advancing their careers by promoting workplace inclusion, diversity, and advocacy. The study could assist organizations in addressing the need for social change so that African American professionals can have opportunities to enter into leadership roles.

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Organizational change; Diversity in the workplace; International business enterprises; African Americans in the professions—United States; African Americans

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Farzin Madjidi