This study delves into the intricate interplay between Family of Origin influences and the professional practice of Organizational Development (OD) practitioners. Rooted in the recognition that Family of Origin experiences significantly shape individual perspectives and behaviors, this research investigates how OD practitioners leverage this understanding to navigate complex workplace dynamics. Grounded in the Use of Self framework, which emphasizes intentional utilization of one's complete being for enhanced effectiveness, this study explores the multifaceted connections between Family of Origin dynamics and common relational aspects such as leadership, influence, power, conflict, and belonging. Through qualitative analysis of OD practitioners' perspectives, the study seeks to uncover the nuanced ways in which familial patterns impact their work and strategies for managing these influences. By achieving its objectives of comprehending the Family of Origin's role, this research contributes to both scholarly discourse and practical applications in leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

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Organizational change; Organizational effectiveness; Families—Psychological aspects

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Graziadio Business School



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Darren Good

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