This qualitative study gathered stories from four generations of women in banking to observe how the gender gap has changed over time through their personal experiences and to determine if there is a new story that can be told about the closing of the gender gap for at least one industry. The study included 36 women from 15 different banks across most regions in the United States. The 60-minute interviews covered 20 questions. Participant answers were coded and analyzed, yielding several themes. The study found that all four generations of women in banking agree there have been substantial improvements to working conditions, relationships with their peers, opportunities to be heard and valued, and opportunities for advancement. There was also strong agreement that there is still pay inequality due to self-inflicted and organizational culture and a gender gap due to the lack of numbers of women in the highest-ranking positions. Banks and other organizations may find this information useful to understand the perspective of women from their own experiences about generational differences and the development of strategies for the retention of women to meet their goals for gender equality in the workplace.

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Banks and banking--Women; Work environment; Equity

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Graziadio Business School



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Miriam Lacey