Effective teachers continue to be in demand in the workforce. Schools and universities need professional teachers who show passion for their jobs and high work performance. This research will investigate the association among teachers’ age, gender, tenure, emotional intelligence (EI) scores, perception of emotional intelligence application in classroom, and perception of any potential impact on their prior year’s self-reported annual teaching evaluations in Madinaty National School in Egypt. For this study, the researcher will utilize mixed methods for data collection based on concurrent design (Creswell, 2014; Kummar, 2014). For additional data collection of teachers’ perspectives on emotional intelligence (EI), the researcher will embed a qualitative questionnaire and demographic questions into Wong and Law’s Emotional Intelligence Scale (WLEIS) survey (Wong & Law, 2002a).

The theoretical foundation of this study will be based on the work of Daniel Goleman (2005), who tested the EI of leaders and its influence on leaders’ performance and followers’ behaviors at work. In particular, he explored leaders’ accomplishments, what it takes for a leader to be successful, and the importance of EI in comparison to intelligence quotient (IQ). In this study, teachers will be considered leaders in their jobs and students will be considered their followers.

The researcher will utilize MT for data analysis and interpretation (Creswell, 2014). The study population will be obtained using a purposive sampling type that promotes researchers to use their judgment to survey the appropriate participants who may have the needed data for collection (Kummar, 2014). This study will offer insight to readers from the educational sector about EI role in the workforce, adding information to the literature about EI and its association, if any, with teachers’ age, gender, and performance.

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Emotional intelligence--Teachers; Teachers-- Cairo (Egypt); Leadership; Cairo (Egypt)

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