This study examines knowledge-sharing practices within a community of practice (CoP) through a case study of the Fresh Produce and Floral Council (FPFC). The study sought to investigate how the FPFC promoted agricultural knowledge and expertise, impacted its members' social relationships and knowledge-sharing practices, communicated clear roles and expectations, and provided valuable and accessible resources. A mixed-methods approach was employed to investigate the research questions, which involved conducting a survey and utilizing descriptive statistics, frequencies, and Spearman correlations to analyze both the Likert scale and open-ended responses. The findings suggested that the FPFC has a knowledge-sharing culture promoting active participation and collaboration among members, with room for improvement in knowledge-sharing practices. Additionally, FPFC positively impacts members' social relationships and prioritizes knowledge-sharing, with a need for further education and promotion of these benefits. Also, clear communication of roles and expectations is essential in any CoP. There may be a need to further clarify the community's goals and purpose to ensure member engagement and alignment. Finally, members perceived FPFC's resources as valuable and relevant, but there is a need for improvement in their accessibility and availability. Overall, the study provided valuable insights for developing new methods of knowledge-sharing and onboarding within the agriculture industry to address the aging crisis and ensure the industry's future. Thus, it was essential to explore the value of knowledge-sharing practices and technology for communication within the community to contribute to developing virtual CoPs enabling knowledge transfer and relationship building for agriculture professionals.

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Knowledge management--Agriculture; Community organization; Apprenticeship programs--Agriculture; Agriculture--Knowledge and learning

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Paul Sparks