Organizational change has been a constant and essential aspect of human societies for centuries, driving innovation and adaptability. However, despite the abundance of models and content on managing change, organizations still struggle to implement and sustain effective transformations. This research aims to address this challenge by exploring strategies to create meaning and address resistance during transformational change. The research will employ a qualitative approach, conducting 15 interviews to capture participants' experiences and strategies in influencing meaning creation during change initiatives. The data collected will be transcribed, coded, categorized, and analyzed for themes, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the strategies employed. The findings provide insights into the strategies employed to effectively influence meaning creation in a change initiative and highlight the importance of being agile, understanding the impacted audience, utilizing storytelling, tailoring change rollouts, building a diverse community of influencers, and providing choice.

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Organizational change; Meaning (Philosophy); Change

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Graziadio Business School



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Gary Mangiofico