Interpersonal conflict in the workplace is costly to employees, teams, and businesses. This study investigated the role of self-awareness in the effective handling of conflict and the efficacy of self-development training in raising self-awareness and conflict effectiveness. This mixed methods study utilized quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. Subjects reported their self-awareness and their conflict effectiveness via two self-assessment surveys. This study found a strong correlation between self-development training and conflict effectiveness, as well as a correlation between understanding the subjective construal of meaning and an ability to use that self-awareness during an interpersonal conflict at work. Given the enormous costs to businesses and individuals of interpersonal conflict at work, it would be advantageous to continue to research how the field of OD can contribute to mitigating these costs through effective personal-development training programs.

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Self-consciousness (Awareness)--Work environment; Interpersonal conflict--Work environment

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Graziadio Business School



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Gary Mangiofico