In multinational corporations (MNCs), cross-cultural interactions and collaboration are unavoidable. Cultural boundary spanning (CBS) is a behavior that has been shown to reduce conflict and ensure project success. It is a behavior that bridges internal and external organizational boundaries. This study examined if and how CBS functions (behaviors) change across national and cultural boundaries in MNCs. These boundaries were characterized by four demographic groups of people found within MNCs: (a) parent country nationals, (b) host country nationals, (c) third country nationals, and (d) parent country national expats. The findings of this research suggest that any of these demographic groups can perform CBS. Variances in the use of CBS functions between the groups were also identified. These variances seem to be influenced by the strength of the individual’s social networks and the interdependent leadership culture within the MNC.

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International business enterprises; Organizational behavior

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Graziadio Business School



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Ann Feyerherm