Change is constant in today’s post-pandemic world. This is truly evident in online business success with entrepreneurs that defy past limitations and rely on future vision. This study purposely attempts to identify and qualify the impact of stylized change focused leadership in response to workplace changes during the variant challenges of the corona virus pandemic. The relevancy of Lewin’s organizational change model in today’s new normal provides the foundation for this research. Data were gathered through interview with a purposive sample of 12 managers executives and team members from a public sector organization. Evolving through an iterative process of evaluation and conscious of risk bias in measurement, triangulation methods included a literature review and intensive analyses off the interview responses, participation notes and company records. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis to find information supporting participants’ perceptions. The themes were derived from coding and the number of references coded during the data analysis. Six themes emerged representing leaders’ action for implementation of corporate change strategies. The themes have been divided into three catagories: defrost former learning, movement to change and solidification of new directions in corporate change. Results can help global organization leadership navigate ongoing change in a volatile world.

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Organizational change; Leadership; Corporate strategy

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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James Rocco DellaNeve