Women Realtors in residential real estate have a difficult time avoiding burnout and are commonly ineffective in achieving work life balance (WLB). This qualitative, phenomenological research study focused on understanding the issues of WLB and burnout which female Realtors faced, and best strategies in overcoming these issues. There were four main research questions and a total of 12 interview questions which were used as a method to collect data for research purposes. Fifteen participants who met the criteria of inclusion as discussed in Chapter 3 participated in this study, and were located using LinkedIn, and the National Association of Realtors. The interview questions were semi-structured, open ended questions that were approved for this study. Based on the answers, the data was analyzed to find themes. These themes then created the findings which showed that women Realtors enjoyed their careers in real estate, and although it is a demanding job, they were able to overcome burnout and find balance between their work and personal life through years of experience, understanding what success meant to them, and learning to release feelings of burnout. The Carmen’s Attitude model was created based on participants’ answers to share what women Realtors can do to help find balance in work and personal life in order to avoid burnout.

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Burn out (Psychology); Work-life balance; Women real estate agents

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Farzin Madjidi