Mindfulness meditation has become a staple practice for those looking to improve the self and become connected to the present moment. With the growing number of tools available, mindfulness base practices have stretched beyond the areas of self-improvement and have entered into the workplace. Companies are leveraging the benefits that come from a mindfulness- based practice, having their leadership teams take part to help improve the lives of their employees and their businesses.

This study takes an in-depth look at how a daily mindfulness practice influences customer service professionals. Specifically narrowing in on the ways a mindfulness practice impacts the customer service professional’s experiences with emotional labor, and the efforts it takes to manage and regulate their emotional state throughout their workday. This study examines the history of both emotional labor and mindfulness, their impacts on those who engage with them, and their influence over each other.

The qualitative data used to support the research findings was gathered from two rounds of interviews from seven individuals, all of who work in customer service roles and engage directly with customers on a daily basis as the main function of their job. Interviews were conversational, using open ended questions allowing for storytelling, probing, and sharing in- depth experiences thoughts, and feelings. Once gathered, the data was analyzed and the common themes were recorded. Direct quotes from the data were presented alongside the key themes in order to highlight the common experiences of the participants.

The study concludes with a summarization of the research findings and confirms that for those working in a customer service position, the addition of a daily mindfulness practice has a direct influence over how they respond to customers, and how they manage their own emotions.

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Mindfulness (Psychology); Work--Psychological aspects; Customer services

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George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management



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Darren Good