While the idea of corporate responsibility emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, awareness of the ideas that comprise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has increased over the last few years. Although there are numerous CSR reviews published, and despite increasing public awareness regarding CSR, a unified definition and framework remain elusive. The problem is that many leaders do not understand CSR and are simply not integrating it into their strategic management process. The purpose of this qualitative research case study was to explore and examine consistencies and inconsistencies in the application and mechanisms of CSR by examining the extent that CSR activities are being implemented in various companies. The study examined the concept of CSR and investigated what CSR activities are being used and how corporations are implementing them into practice. The literature review presents a stakeholder analysis, an ethical and transformational relationship, a process for organizational interest and evaluation, and examines the firm Bayer AG. The case study parameters include two methods: Interviews and documentary analysis. With the purpose of answering the primary research question for this study and utilizing the method of data collection for this qualitative case, 10 participants were contacted and interviewed with approved semi-structured open-ended questions. The interview process explored and analyzed targeted CSR stakeholders’ activities, beliefs, and understanding. After collecting, analyzing, and reflecting upon the data collected, the researched generated or inductively and inductively developed four prominent themes. Implications of these findings, final thoughts, and the researcher’s application of a conceptual framework was created in the hope that this manuscript contributes to the literature on CSR.

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Social responsibility of business; Corporate governance; Leadership--Moral and ethical aspects

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Martine Jago