As Hispanic adults are 70% more likely than non-Hispanic White adults to be diagnosed with diabetes (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2022), there is an urgent need to provide culturally appropriate care to the people with diabetes of Latinx heritage. The purpose of this systematic review is to better understand the availability and effectiveness of psychosocial and behavioral interventions for T2DM within the Latinx population. Additional focus was given to the impact of health disparities and complexities within the Latinx population that have been diagnosed with, or are at risk of, T2DM. With a greater understanding of health disparities and non-medicinal interventions, results of this study can be used to inform an appropriate approach to treatment of those affected. The researcher reviewed the relevant qualitative and quantitative literature focusing on psychosocial and behavioral interventions for T2DM within the Latinx population as well as health disparities within the Latinx adult population. The author examined more recent scholarly literature that was published in English between 2015-2021. The methodology was limited to a systematic review of the literature, and the study did not require the involvement of any human subjects. The systematic review covered peer-reviewed published research data previously collected using human participants. Results indicated various findings of Latinx health disparities, shining light on how these disparities often impact one another, causing further exacerbations of symptomology and affecting quality of well-being and overall health. The identification of Latinx health disparities and successful T2DM interventions allows for a better understanding of underlying social and economic inequities. The systematic review will also assist health care providers to prioritize interventions that have been proven to be successful, now having access to key characteristics and helpful tips and techniques to use in future research.

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Hispanic Americans; Type 2 diabetes--Treatment; Type 2 diabetes--Psychological aspects

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Carrie Castañeda-Sound