This qualitative research explored the lived experiences of Black women in the United States who have managed to establish and sustain successful businesses. This research seeks to explore the vicissitudes and challenges of Black female entrepreneurship, as well as the strategies employed by Black women to achieve successful business ownership. The researcher interviewed 15 Black businesswomen with intimate knowledge of the phenomenon of interest using a purposive sample technique. Employing a phenomenological approach and semi-structured interview questions, this study uncovered connections between previously identified challenges in the literature and recommendations for the next generation of Black female entrepreneurs. Learning from historical business icons and contemporary Black women in business can motivate and empower future Black women to pursue entrepreneurship and empower them to succeed in business. Representation is essential for advancing Black business outcomes. Black women must see themselves reflected in the narratives of prosperous businesses for them to believe that entrepreneurial success is achievable. Such representation improves the public's understanding and attitudes towards Black entrepreneurial ventures, which may have a favorable effect on the systemic barriers Black women experience in entrepreneurship.

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African American women; African American businesspeople; Entrepreneurship

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Gabriella Miramontes