This research study focuses on Corporate Venturing (CV) within the Media and Entertainment(M&E) industry and investigates factors that influence CV decision-making. CV provides a viable strategy to facilitate innovation and organizational change within companies; however, this area is understudied within the M&E industry. Companies that make up the entertainment industry may not have specific insight into how best to exploit this opportunity. Specifically, this study looks at the influence of firm characteristics, industry characteristics, and other outside factors using the PESTLE strategy model characteristics impacting the parent or venture unit's CV decision-making within the M&E industry. In terms of this research project, the focus is on the CV activity of the firm. Activity is defined as the decision to engage in corporate venturing, as well as the mode of CV to engage in. CV modes include, but are not limited to, corporate venture capital (CVC), venture alliances, and transformation arrangements. Additionally, in terms of M&E, this research focuses on television, film, and streaming with a specific emphasis on innovation and growth strategies. This research is a descriptive study and provides propositions to contribute to the emerging convergent literature on the topic. This research makes a relevant contribution to the fields of CV and strategy and to the entertainment and technology industries.

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Strategic planning; Venture capital; Streaming video or streaming (telecommunications)

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Graziadio Business School



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Kyle C. Murphy