Attracting and retaining teachers may be a problem in many rural school districts. According to previous research, teacher attrition is greater in rural regions due to various demographic and other factors. Retention was also cited as a key issue in these rural school districts. The number of teachers quitting their professions before they can retire has risen drastically. In addition, teachers in rural schools and in some suburban and urban places confront obstacles such as lack of resources, little support, poor pay, inconsistent professional development opportunities, and inadequate preparation that cause them to lose their enthusiasm for teaching. Therefore, this study was carried out to understand the educators' attrition and mobility in their first five years of work and the retention practices used by education institutions to reduce attrition and mobility. In particular, the research evaluated the factors influencing teacher mobility, attrition, and retention in U.S. public schools. Data was collected from National Center for Education Statistics and concentrated on Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS). The study used salary received by teacher at different education levels as the main factors influencing mobility, retention, and attrition. Correlation and regression analyses were the inferential tests used. Results showed there were significant associations between salary for the teachers with Bachelor's and Master’s; degrees with experience of 10 years and mobility, retention, and attrition compared to the teacher with no experiences. Further, the findings illustrated that the different salary received by teachers of different education levels with 10 years or without experiences have a mixed influence on the mobility, retention, and attrition of teachers. In conclusion, the study showed that teacher compensation is an important factor in determining whether there will be an increase in the rate of mobility, retention, and attrition.

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Teachers -- Supply and demand -- United States; Teacher turnover -- United States; Teachers -- —Salaries, etc -- United States; Employee retention -- United States.

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