The advancement in technology calls for improvement in service delivery in healthcare systems, especially in the present health pandemic of the COVID-19. At present, healthcare systems utilize several electronic health techniques. However, there is a need for the creation of interoperability that can assist healthcare organizations in exchanging data more effectively through the global adoption of healthcare information exchange (HIE). The current research examines the adoption of HIEs and healthcare leadership roles to realize a fully functional interoperable patient HIE. This study utilized the systematic document analysis method to review qualitative data on the different aspects of healthcare leadership, implementation of HIEs, professional development, and the benefits of Healthcare Information Exchange to the organizations that use HIEs. The study analyzed data using the NVIVO-12 software and identified four major themes, namely: HIE Project Implementation, Healthcare Management, and Professional Development, HIE Systems are Beneficial for Operations with Technology being the Critical Factor, representing all four research questions respectively. The analysis of these themes revealed that leadership plays a crucial role in the implementation of HIEs. Federal and state policies are significant elements that affect HIE implementation at the organizational level. The analysis revealed that healthcare professionals need opportunities to enhance their knowledge in core areas to their healthcare organization's success.

Additionally, HIEs are beneficial across all levels, including national, organizational, and patient levels. The current research recommends a focus on leadership skills, enhanced careers, and collaboration between professions to improve the implementation of effective HIEs used across all healthcare organizations. The current study also calls for future research on the adoption of a standard health information exchange technology that can be used globally by all healthcare facilities and health providers to help manage the global health pandemic.

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Medical records -- Data processing; Health services administration -- Effectiveness; Medical personnel -- Training of

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