There is a shift occurring in education systems around the world, which could change the face of education as we have known it through blended and online learning. E-Learning offers opportunities and possibilities that were unknown to educators over a decade ago. Countries, states, and school districts are implementing online and blended learning environments to offer world class educational opportunities to all students no matter their zip code or socio-economic status. In general, research in the field of K-12 online learning has focused on the United States and Canada. However, an international survey of online learning in initiatives conducted by the International Association of K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) in 2006 showed that other countries were implementing online learning initiatives with different approaches. This survey provided a snapshot of 15 countries e-learning initiatives; however, there is very little research that further describes what is happening in each of these countries, validating the need for further research in the area of K-12 online learning initiatives. The purpose of this study will be to describe the current e-learning initiatives and projects for students in secondary schools in New Zealand. The research looked at both the policy and practices happening within New Zealand's education system as the iNACOL survey showed them to be one of the most innovative countries in the area of K-12 online learning, which may help other countries implement their own e-learning initiatives. The research design was based on a case study format, with qualitative data. A total of 19 people participated in interviews for the study. The data collection instrument was an interview protocol to guide face-to-face and online learning of Ministry of Education officials and secondary school principals and teachers. The findings of the research indicate that New Zealand has been successful in implementing online learning initiatives because it started with schools and educators needing to fulfill basic needs in order to survive. These grassroots movements are now reforming the way they educate students in all learning environments in New Zealand.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Educational technology; Education, Secondary -- New Zealand; Educational change -- Case studies; Computer-assisted instruction

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McManus, John F.