Change is necessary for an organization to be successful. However, poorly executed change, with ill-equipped leaders and unprepared teams, often result in failed efforts. Leaders can have a direct impact on their team's change agility and successful change initiatives. This study looked at team leaders and individual contributors across a variety of industries and explored ways that team leaders can build change agility. This study addressed three research questions: how participants defined the role of a leader, what individuals observed about themselves when at their best during a change, and what practices they believed would aid in building change agility and change capacity. Themes were identified and categorized for data analysis. Key themes were summarized and key research findings were discussed. Key recommendations for people leaders highlight the importance of communication, ways to normalize change and discomfort; opportunities for feedback, recognition, and reinforcement; and ways to develop and build capabilities.

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Organizational change; Leadership -- Effectiveness; Communication in organizations

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Graziadio Business School



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Gary Mangiofico