This study explored the multicultural training practices within Pepperdine University's PsyD program in clinical psychology and provided a template for other training programs attempting to conduct a cultural audit. Utilizing a bounded case study design, the current investigation gathered data from faculty in the PsyD program, currently enrolled doctoral students, course syllabi and prospective student recruitment materials. Research questions were: How do faculty members, full-time, adjunct and visiting, self-rate their overall competence in integrating multicultural issues in the classroom?; 2.) How do faculty members rate the multicultural training offered in Pepperdine's PsyD program?; 3.) How frequently are multicultural issues addressed throughout the curriculum?; 4.) How do graduate students enrolled in all four years of the program self-rate their overall multicultural competence?; 5.) How do students perceive the multicultural training in the PsyD program and their preparation to address cultural factors in clinical settings?; and 6.) In what ways do the program's prospective student recruitment materials reflect multicultural philosophies and practices? The multicultural training offered in the PsyD program has a number of strengths, including supportive faculty and student cohorts, multicultural research with the use of diverse research methodologies, and a mission statement that clearly outlines the importance of diversity to the university. Additionally, concrete steps are being taken to embrace and continue to develop the University as a multicultural organization. Areas of growth include better infusion of multicultural content across the curriculum, integration of diversity issues in clinical supervision, evaluation of student multicultural competence and faculty integration of multicultural topics in courses, improvement of community spaces, and multicultural training that attends to aspects of diversity beyond race and ethnicity.

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Cross-cultural orientation; Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology

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