Managing type 1 diabetes involves a complex treatment regimen, and often results in increased stress and mental health issues in youth and families as youth enter adolescence. Research indicates that effective management of diabetes-related stress can have a positive impact on both the psychological and physical health of youth and their families. While traditional stress management interventions have aimed to reduce stress through coping, building resilience is a more recent approach to stress management that can be cultivated even in the absence of stress. Interventions specifically aimed at increasing resilience in youth with chronic illnesses have shown promising results; however, an extensive review of the literature yielded few existing interventions. Thus, this project focused on the development and initial evaluation of a resilience-oriented stress management intervention for youth with type 1 diabetes. Developmentally appropriate adaptations from an intervention developed for adults, review of evidence-based interventions in the literature, and feedback from two psychologists specializing in treating youth with type 1 diabetes informed the development of the Facilitator Manual for the intervention. Two additional type 1 diabetes mental health providers evaluated the Facilitator Manual for feasibility, and they provided feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. Feedback from providers and the dissertation committee was incorporated into a section of recommendations for future development of the intervention.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Diabetic children -- Psychology; Stress management for children; Resilience (Personality trait) in children

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Harrell, Shelly P.;