The purpose of this study aimed to examine the use and effectiveness of religiosity, spirituality, and creative arts as culturally sensitive forms of coping among adult Latina and/or Hispanic child sexual abuse (CSA) survivors. Research has demonstrated that methods of coping serve as culturally sensitive techniques that help Latinas cope with CSA experiences by fostering feelings of empowerment, pride, and safety (Becker, 2015; Collins, O'Neill-Arana, Fontes, & Osseg, 2014; Ligiero, Fassinger, McCauley, Moore, & Lyytinen, 2009; Marques et al., 2016; Meston, Lorenz, & Stephenson, 2013; Sabina, Cuevas, & Schally, 2012; Sweig, 2000). Despite these findings, these interventions with this specific population appear to under-explored due to Latino cultural influences on help-seeking behaviors, Latino cultural values and beliefs, and acculturation levels and variations within the Latino community. Utilizing a mixed methods study design, six participants completed three self-report questionna

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Hispanic American women -- Psychology; Adult child sexual abuse victims -- Psychology; Spirituality -- Psychological aspects; Art therapy

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