Maribel Leon


The Latinx population has steadily increased in the United States with individuals immigrating from several Latin American countries. Latinx individuals have unique experiences and challenges in regards to immigration, acculturation, language, socioeconomic status, along with other factors. While research focused on psychotherapy with the Latinx community is limited, the studies available tend to focus on Latina female. The purpose of the study was to explore psychologists’ experiences working with Latino male clients, focusing on culture and gender roles. A qualitative method was used to interview six licensed psychologists who work with Latino males. The focus of the study was to examine culturally informed masculinity scripts, expression of emotion, and the effects on the psychotherapeutic process from the psychologists’ point of view. An interpretative phenomenological approach was used for this study in order to allow for a rich understanding of this under-researched topic. The four themes that emerged included (1) Factors Impacting Treatment, (2) Start of Treatment, (3) Cultural Adaptations, and (4) Potential Barriers. Overall, this study will help inform the clinical practice of psychologists when working with Latino males.

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Latin Americans -- United States -- Psychology; Male immigrants -- United States -- Psychology; Psychologists -- Attitudes

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Castañeda-Sound, Carrie;