The purpose of this study was to examine and describe the nature of the research to practice gap in learning analytics application in K12 educational settings. In was also the purpose of this study to characterize how learning analytics are currently implemented and understood. A secondary objective of this research was to advance a preliminary learning analytics implementation framework for practitioners. To achieve these purposes, this study applied quantitative content analysis using automated text analysis techniques to assess the quality of information provided on analytics implementations require adoption of analytical tools, characterizing content on analytics-based product websites provides insight into data practices in K12 schools and how learning analytics are practiced and understood. A major finding of this study was that learning analytics do not appear to be applied in ways that will improve learning outcomes for students as described by the research. A second finding was that policy influence expressed in the study corpus suggest competing interests within the current policy structure for K12 education settings.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Learning technologies; Education -- Evaluation; Educational evaluation -- Data processing

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Hamilton, Eric R.;