Events from 2021


Hidden Stories: Culture, Gender, Sexuality, and Race in La Francophonie, Juan Carlos Hugues


Domestic Politics of International Organizations, Clara Keuss

Tracking Leadership of UN Specialized Organizations: The Rise of China, Emilia Vieira and Felicity Vabulas Dr.

Events from 2018

Digital Manuscripts for Arabic Language Acquisition and Art Historical Analyses, Alyssa Boyer and Chanel Diaz

“Notre avenir, c’est nous qui le choisissons! #PolQC”: Twitter, political discourse, and the modern Québécois nationalist identity, Pu Kun Huang and Kelle Marshall Ph.D

Events from 2017

Piccolo ma Forte: The Child Narrator’s Role in Cultural Collective Processing of Historical Events, Meghan J. Doyle

Events from 2016


Global Tides International Studies and Languages Panel Discussion, Lauren Margaret Haberstock, Rachel Hews, and Pukun Huang

Linguistic Practices, Attitudes and Identities of Hispanic Immigrants in Los Angeles: Two Case Studies, Heather C. Odell


The Palermo Protocol: Why It Has Been Ineffective in Reducing Human Sex Trafficking, Christina Seideman

Events from 2015

Creation, the Word, and Relationships: “The Void” and Implicit Christian Theology in Calvino’s Later Fiction, Catherine E. Golitzin

Events from 2014


The Right to Choose: Women’s Political Activity in Islamic States, Emily A. Gibson


The Consequences of Somali Piracy on International Trade, La'Nita M. Johnson


Equality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: The price of duality and bilingualism, Alexandria Roberts-Mendel

Research from 2012


The Life and Works of Rashīd al-Dīn: Jewish Vizier in the Mongol Ilkhanid Court, Sienna Z. Jackson