Race Re-Imaged: A Closer Look at the Photography of Ken Gonzales-Day

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Fall 2013


Ken Gonzales-Day is a modern-day artist and historian who uses his fields of expertise to convey his message against ignorance, with an emphasis on past and present crimes against forgotten minority groups. Our portfolio covers three specific art forms through which Gonzales-Day expresses his opinions: the Erased Lynchings series, which covers forgotten crimes against minorities along the west coast of the US, the Profiled series, which employs the use of photoshopped statues juxtaposed in various stances, and the Dysmorphology series, where Gonzales-Day preaches his message of acceptance on both a personal and global scale. Through these artistic facets, Gonzales-Day successfully shows the viewer aspects of his personal beliefs and historical knowledge, leading to a varied and unique display.