Maribeth Beyer

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The 2022 Pepperdine Law Review Symposium entitled, A Faster Way Home – Removing Barriers to Increase America’s Housing Supply, brought together scholars from prestigious universities and law schools, law firms, and on-the-ground community members to evaluate the barriers blocking the way to closing the nation’s housing deficit, including local opposition, cost inhibitions, zoning restrictions, and entitlements. They presented original research and findings about how the housing crisis has reached such heights because of zoning law, restrictive uses, and city board decisions. Presenting through panels and speeches, these scholars provided valuable insight into the housing crisis across the country, but especially in California. The following articles are representative of the rich discussion provided by the incredible scholars that participated in the Symposium. Thank you to all of our participants, and we are especially appreciative of Professors Moira O’Neill, Kenneth Stahl, Christopher Serkin, and John Infranca for publishing their outstanding articles with us. Each article provided fascinating insight into the avenues that can be pursued to remove the barriers to dismantling the housing deficit through the use of unique research incorporating original data and findings.