Pepperdine Journal of Communication Research


Editors-in-Chief: Emma Johnson and Kayla Elwy
Previous Editor-in-Chief: Meghan Doyle
 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Ballard    
 Associate Editors: Annelise Green   Omar Murphy
  Katherine Quick   Mira Metry
The Pepperdine Journal of Communication Research seeks to pursue truth and academic excellence in the field of communication by recognizing outstanding student scholarship that explores interpersonal, organizational, rhetoric and leadership, and intercultural communication. Through rigorous peer-review, the Journal strives to contribute to ongoing discussions in communication studies by publishing student papers that investigate a variety of contemporary topics and issues.

Current Volume: Volume 6 (2018)

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Kayla Elwy and Emma Johnson



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Lauren N. Ramirez and Sue J. Oh


Elizabeth Lowe, Sabrina Ballard, Zachary Edwards, Tracie Loo, and Gracelyn Sweeney

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