Property: Cases and Materials, Third Edition


Property: Cases and Materials, Third Edition



Property: Cases and Materials features sweeping coverage in a single volume, from “old property” (such as the basics of real estate law) to “new property,” including the latest developments in intellectual property law. The text provokes debate on fundamental questions such as the creation of property, information as property, collective v. individual rights, and property as related to other bodies of law. Its coverage of intellectual property shows how the law grows and responds to social and technological change. Designed for flexibility, stand-alone chapters can be omitted if time constraints require. Property: Cases and Materials includes appellate decisions, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, law review articles, and non-legal materials as well as principal cases―Elvis Presley International Memorial Foundation v. Crowell; Panavision International, L.P. v. Toeppen; Dred Scott v. Sandford; and Popov v. Hayashi on the dispute over the Barry Bonds home run ball.

The Third Edition has been heavily updated with recent cases, including more cases from the 21st century than any other major property casebook. A thorough update of all existing materials includes improved coverage of natural resources law and intellectual property.

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Personal property, intellectual property, estates, future interests, concurrent ownership, landlord, tenant, transfers of Property


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Property: Cases and Materials, Third Edition