Allan Young


The study and practice of entrepreneurial finance and its associated relevance for the field of business venturing is now at long last secure in its place in the pantheon of well respected academic and professional disciplines. While initially perhaps thought of as no more than grist for the mill of those involved with personal self-enrichment and beyond the pale of concern with the scholarly dissemination of the world’s accumulated valued wisdom, areas such as the study of venture capital, micro-financing, entrepreneurship management and other related pursuits have now established themselves as well worth the interest of those intimately pursuing serious and thoughtful academic study. Moreover, often funded by successful entrepreneurs themselves and the demand by the business community for employees who are not only well trained in the techniques of its functional sub-disciplines, but also creative in being able to reason about business pursuits with an entrepreneurial and innovative frame of mind, this scholarly interest has now spilled over into the teaching and instructional branches of our profession. While less than a decade ago few of the more well established and recognized schools (colleges) of business (management) gave much more than a nodding recognition in their curriculum and programs to financial entrepreneurship (or even the broader-based study of entrepreneurship itself), as of this writing well recognized entire schools and programs devoted exclusively to these areas abound in academe and few schools of higher education or universities can be found (not only in America, but now elsewhere) which do not provide a grouping of courses complemented by a business outreach program devoted to the preparation of students for careers in the practice of entrepreneurship with financial and venturing concerns at the heart of this endeavor. Accordingly, it could well be said that the field of study to which our journal is devoted (entrepreneurial finance and business ventures) may truly be among the fastest growing of academic programs, and it is clearly the case that scholarly inquiry in this area is not only alive and well, but positively thriving. The goal of The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures is to be one of the premiere outlets for this scholarship.

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