2018 Annual Meeting Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance

October 17-20, 2018, Chicago, IL, USA

Objectives and Scope. Since its first conference in 1989, The Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance (AEF) continues to offer a dedicated forum for exchange of research ideas related to the ever-growing field of entrepreneurial and small business finance. Given the central role of the small and medium enterprise (SME) in a free economy, the objective of the conference is to encourage research and inquiry in the very promising discipline. Although the focus of the annual event is on the financial, economic, behavioral, and accounting aspects of the small firm, papers in closely-related areas will also be considered for presentation. Naturally, research on applied business, finance, and economics is also encouraged. AEF’s key areas of interest include:

  1. Risk and Risk-Taking in Start-ups and Growing Ventures;
  2. Venture Capital- Financing Small/Entrepreneurial Ventures;
  3. Business Venture Valuation;
  4. Initial Public Offerings and Other Exit Strategies;
  5. Financial Institutions and Small Business Financing;
  6. Innovations in Capital Markets for small and medium enterprises (SMEs);
  7. Economics and Accounting of Small Business;
  8. Microfinance, Micro-entrepreneurship, and Fintech;
  9. Small Firm Success and/or Failure; and
  10. Other related issues- including Globalization and Technological factors affecting Capital Access and Startup Process.

Journal Publication.  Upon request of interested presenters right after the conference, a few carefully selected and further reviewed papers would be published in Volume 21 of The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance- JEF. Submission deadline is 30 days after the date of the presentations at the conference.

Submission of Papers, Abstracts, and Seminars for Presentation. To submit your completed paper, detailed abstract, or seminar proposal, simply click on the following URL and follow the related instructions. The submission fee is $55.00. To submit, click here: http://www.aobf.org/papersubmissionform.php. (This URL will take you to AEF’s sister academy of Behavioral Finance for efficiency purposes)
SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS January 26, 2018; Early Submission is Encouraged. Notifications of results will be emailed to all respondents generally in three (3) weeks from the date of submission.

Special Sessions and Panels/Workshops. Persons interested in organizing a Special Session or Panel/Workshop should submit a letter of interest, along with a short bio using the deadline and instructions above.