At the heart of entrepreneurship is small business creation. Small business ownership is an accessible means for economic independence and self-fulfillment of one’s expectations. Small business entrepreneurs capitalize on their human capital and willingness to work long and hard to improve their quality of life. They often struggle to establish sustainable businesses that may one day become legacies for them and for their children. Entrepreneurship plays an international role as well. Successful entrepreneurs expand a nation’s economy. Countries compete for entrepreneurs by creating an inviting atmosphere and using beneficial laws and plentiful opportunities, such as emerging markets. Countries used to have an advantage if they had natural resources, transportation, and plentiful physical labor. Today, economic advantage depends on having a climate where creative people can develop innovative ideas. Knowledge is infinitely portable; smart workers and entrepreneurs go where they want to live. Jobs and entrepreneurship will follow lifestyle amenities, the presence of like-minded people, and an abundance of opportunities in their field.

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