In planning for succession of ownership, oftentimes the owner of a private business seeks to sell the business to either family members or employees. Arranging outside financing may be difficult or costly, making internal financing attractive. Self-cancelling installment notes (SCINs) provide an opportunity to finance the transfer of ownership at a favorable interest rate and to obtain income and estate tax advantages. However, to pass muster with the Internal Revenue Service, the SCIN must include a risk premium for the cancellation feature. In this paper, we provide a mathematical model for computation of the required risk premium associated with the cancellation provision. The premium may be in the form of either an interest premium or a principal premium and the computations for both are demonstrated in this paper. Appendix A provides an example of the use of the formulas.

JEL Codes

G34, G32


Internal Buyouts, MBO, Private Firms, Private Companies, SCIN, Valuation