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Forever Young is the dual biography of Dr. M. Norvel Young and Helen M. Young, a pioneering husband and wife team in the field of Christian education, respectively President and First Lady of Pepperdine University in Southern California. Telling their stories in not easy because of the breadth of their experiences: their tales range from Tennessee and Oklahoma to Texas, California and the far recesses of the globe. They completed more than 40 international trips in which they helped rebuild a devastated post-war Germany, smuggled Bibles into Russia, conducted a ceremony for the Shah of Iran, met with the King of Thailand, visited with Mother Teresa . . . and so much more. In their home in the United States they entertained presidents, Supreme Court justices, international authors and educators, and religious figures, as well as countless ordinary people, with whom they identified. What was remarkable about their lives was the love, hope, and encouragement they brought to any person, any group, any situation, any venue that they encountered. They dreamed big dreams, and matched those dreams with backbreaking labor and prayer to assure that a better reality was the end result. Their example serves as a memory of nobler days. Indeed, the world yearns for a new generation of people like Norvel and Helen Young.



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Forever Young: The Life and Times of M. Norvel Young & Helen M. Young

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