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Missional churches, those that bring Jesus outside the walls of the church and into the unknown, unreached, and uncomfortable areas in the United States and the world, seem to have taken center stage in the realm of popular Christian discussion over the past few decades. However, roughly thirty percent of the globe remains untargeted by “missional churches.” In his book “Planting Missional Churches,” Ed Stetzer highlights the need for missional churches in the U.S. in particular, citing a Gallup poll that observed eighty percent of American churches in decline. In 2011, Gallup also estimated an average of forty-five percent of Americans who say religion is fairly or not very important in their lives. The vision to spread the Gospel to this large demographic of unbelievers, transform lives, and advance the kingdom for the glory of God has proven unshaken and more contagious than ever, as ordinary people everywhere are volunteering to plant new churches both domestically and internationally. The Acts 29 network is one of many up and coming entrepreneurial church planting movements that partners with and mobilizes new church leaders under this vision.