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International Studies and Languages


Grace Robertson


Sex trafficking has obtained a recent presence in the public eye due to its booming economy, and this potential profit for traffickers continues to allure more and more to this underground market that thrives off of the abduction, abuse and rape of its victims. In order to combat this growing epidemic, sex trafficking will first be analyzed from an economic standpoint, as the increasing revenue of this market is the reason for its preponderance. Then, the connections between the economy of sex trafficking and the legislation of sex trafficking will be analyzed in order to determine the best way for fighting this injustice. Finally, an academic review of two articles, “Sex Trafficking and Criminalization: In Defense of Feminist Abolitionism” and “Of Vice and Men: A New Approach to Eradicating Sex Trafficking by Reducing Male Demand Through Educational Programs and Abolitionist Legislation” will offer additional wisdom on this complex matter.