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The Cost of Legal Aid

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I first became aware of the British’s struggle with their Legal Aid system while interning with a nonprofit organization in London that conducted research on Legal Aid with the goal of improving individuals’ access to justice. The British have supported Legal Aid for over sixty years; however, during this time it has reached an unsustainable level its current budget being two billion pounds. Since the government simply cannot afford a program this large, it has fallen prey to periodic budget cuts within the past few decades. Many British individuals are concerned that the quality of the services will diminish as a result of decreased funding. A large number of Europeans consider it essential that the state provide quality legal aid services to insure that all individuals have equal access to justice. Since legal aid is viewed as a necessary governmental service, it is very important to Europeans to determine the way in which the system best operates. In my paper, I will attempt to determine why the British system in particular is so expensive, compared to other European nations that provide a similar service for a fraction of the cost.