The Work of a Genius

The Work of a Genius



The Work of a Genius, a poetic journey through the life of Albert Einstein, is nothing less than an act of reclamation. In this age when intellect and empathy are seen as weakness, when the name “Einstein” has become a term of derision and populist bullies lead by fear and the threat of fire, John Struloeff takes back the narrative of what it means to be a person of the mind and of the soul in a post-industrial world that threatens to grind away both. In language that raises the plainspoken to the lyrical, that does not lean on poetic primping or pyrotechnics, Struloeff shows the beauty of a mind trying to reach wider than the sky, of an ear tilted toward the hum of the universe. We see a man with almost divine vision and yet very human flaws in the pursuit of his art, of his physics, who knows in the end what he has known all along: that his “math isn’t enough”, that the numbers only add up relative to love, and that it is likely that it is both God and gravity that hold the universe together



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The Work of a Genius