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Corporate strategy, competitive strategy, marketing strategy, leadership, competitive forces, dynamic capabilities and globalization


Over the last two decades, Under Armour has emerged from being the “underdog” in the Sports Apparel and Sporting Goods Industry to a leader in the industry, with a fierce attention to performance and great skill at picking up-and-coming athletes who emerge as superstars. This case underscores its administrative heritage, competitive strategy and growth potential as a global player in a highly competitive industry. It addresses the tension between being a performance brand while launching lines for women versus technology applications and conflicts between its growth strategy and macroeconomic forces. It highlights areas in which Under Armour has succeeded in macroeconomic forces and where it may be vulnerable. Research Methodology: The research relies primarily on secondary sources and countless studies of Under Armour and its major competitors. Primary research is based on databases, videos of Under Armour’s Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Plank, and articles from Bloomberg to the Baltimore Sun (UA’s headquarters) on the history, growth and future of Under Armour. It also includes observations and site visits to one of its signature brand house stores.

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The CASE Journal