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A meta-analysis was conducted on the role of social relationships in adults' post-divorce adjustment. Twenty-one studies were coded and rich information was gained by comparing “specific relationships” (one-on-one contact with a specific person, such as a friend) with “network relationships” (being part of a group, such as a support group or church community), and by taking into account positive adjustment versus maladjustment, as well as other components of post-divorce adjustment (well-being, affect, psychopathology, and physiological symptoms). The findings indicated that social relationships during the post-divorce period are associated with higher levels of positive adjustment and lower levels of maladjustment. In particular, network relationshipsare important in promoting positive adjustment, while specific relationshipsare important for buffering against maladjustment. This has specific implications for therapists' work with divorcing clients and for the conducting of future research.

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Journal of Divorce and Remarriage