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This study provides information about students seeking counseling (N = 3,844) at 9 institutions of higher education. The K-PIRS, an empirically validated measure, was used to assess 7 problem areas (Mood Difficulties, Learning Problems, Food Concerns, Interpersonal Conflicts, Career Uncertainties, Self-Harm Indicators, and Addiction Issues). Forty-two percent of students presented with multiple problems and most reported that their concerns interfered with their academic (87%) and social (90%) functioning. A majority of students (61%) were in a stage of contemplation when seeking counseling. Only 24% were in a stage of action. There were small differences in problem scores by participants’ gender, ethnicity, year in school, type of residence, work status, previous treatment, and use of psychiatric medication. Implications are discussed for counseling practitioners working with college students.

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Journal of College Student Psychotherapy