Avnita Lakhani

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This article is an attempt to answer the question of why the practice of bride-burning continues and propose alternative ways to not only look at the problem, but also to define workable solutions. It is only via a thorough conflict analysis of this complex issue that the world might rein in a problem that is clearly out of control in this day and age. Section II examines the origins of bride-burning, its continued practice, and societal ramifications. Section III analyzes some of the current and proposed efforts in place for banning bride-burning and punishing those who illegally engage in this disgusting practice. Section IV provides a conflict analysis of this issue in light of its continuing devastation upon women in India. Section V is a discussion on alternate, creative ways to resolve the issue of bride-burning in light of the conflict analysis. Finally, Section VI concludes with a call to action for victims, advocates, lawmakers, the international community and most explicitly, the perpetrators of this human rights crime, to put an end to a practice which, five years from now, will easily qualify as genocide of the women of India.