Linda E. Meyer

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I am here to talk to you about what got you into this profession in the first place. And that was a feeling. A feeling that is very hard to articulate, except maybe to yourself. It was a sense that there was something here for you that was new, that was different, that was amazing, and that you could actually be part of a process where things happened and changed. You could be respected. You could be honored. You could feel that you had actually done something that made a difference. I want to tell you that is why I was in love with mediation. Thirteen years later, it has been a struggle for me to hold on to those feelings. I want to talk to you about that journey because we never talk about it. We talk about the fact that we are all together and we are successful mediators. Well, I want to talk to you about the silent moments when you wonder if this profession is really any different than the one you left behind. If the lawyers really care what you think. If the clients really change. If you are really nothing more or less than a message carrier for money because you're seen like that. Sometimes I see myself like that. It is difficult.