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Leadership in mediating multi-party matters is imperative. In my work as Claims Administrator for one of the largest ever personal injury/bankruptcy settlements ($2.3 billion, net present value), I am charged with four primary areas of responsibility: (1) the efficient and fair evaluation of claims consistent with provisions of the Joint Plan of Reorganization; (2) the efficient delivery of payments to all approved claimants pursuant to the provisions of the Joint Plan; (3) the management and custody of the assets paid to the Settlement Facility; and finally (4) the faithful execution of the provisions of the Joint Plan in all respects. In my daily work I must mediate (and arbitrate) but, most important, I must LEAD. When I assumed my present position, I identified several important skills I felt a Claims Administrator needed. The skills I have identified as core competencies for this position are the same leadership skills that must be considered by mediators in multi-party mediation - dealing with ambiguity, business or industry knowledge, conflict management, ethics and values, organizing, managing and measuring work, building effective teams, written and oral communications, process management, patience, perseverance and managerial courage.