Toran Hansen

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Narrative Mediation is an approach and methodology that can offer mediators an innovative way to handle conflict intervention. It is important to note that "it is not a model that can be ransacked for techniques without damaging the intent and process it requires.. .because the foundational view is vastly different [from other approaches]." It may, however, particularly appeal to mediators with a postmodernist theoretical bent who prefer to work with the accounts of parties in conflict rather than attempting to get at "the truth" because they recognize that any truth brings with it implicit bias. The explicit role of mediator as a party to the conflict, however, raises concerns about the viability of mediator neutrality. While future research needs to look at the efficacy of this approach, one can certainly muse over the possibilities. It provides an interesting alternative to traditional mediation approaches and may in fact provide exceptional conflict outcomes, which go beyond simple settlement. It is important to recognize, however, that a mediator interested in the narrative approach should get special training and practice to learn how to effectively apply it, as the model is not particularly intuitive.