Roger Alford

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In this Article, Professor Alford discusses a report by the Law Revision Commission recommending that certain changes be made to arbitration law in California. It begins by outlining the history of arbitration in California, from its 1961 adoption of the Uniform Arbitration Act, to the 1988 enactment of an international arbitration statute modeled on the UNCITRAL Model Law, to the 1989 enactment of Section 1281.8, which allowed courts to grants provisions remedies to parties involved in arbitration proceedings. It also provides a general overview of the purpose and practice of arbitration law. Then, it provides a chapter-by-chapter analysis the Law Revision Commission's Report: general provisions, enforcement of arbitration agreements, conduct of arbitration proceedings, enforcement of awards, arbitration of medical malpractice, public construction contract arbitration, international commercial arbitration, real estate contract arbitration, and firefighter and law enforcement arbitration.