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The Global Dispute Resolution Conference brought together scholars, students, attorneys, and professionals from across the country. Co-hosted by Pepperdine’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, the event drew perspectives from a wide range of cultures, areas of ADR, and career experiences. Grouped into two full days with distinct focuses, the conference covered topics from commercial ADR to the significance of history, culture, and faith. To open the discussion, Professor Muamar Salameh of PMU spoke to the audience on the importance of accepting the global differences in legal systems within international dispute resolution. His remarks were followed by Pepperdine’s President Jim Gash, who highlighted the need for compassion and actively willing the good of the other for the other as global parties work together to find common ground. This paper provides highlights of the major dispute resolution topics and trends addressed throughout the conference, as well as key takeaways for the continuous development of the field.